The long-term researching project of musical poetry, combining sound puppetry, performance and object / physical theatre is for once realized as a video essay in working version (TAPE 01) while using the principles and aspects of the planned performance and album. 

Project inspired by the texts and life of Jiří Orten and philosophy of Gottfried W. Leibniz and Gilles Deleuze is shifting on the border between radio play, manifesto, audio essay, field recording
and in its shape researches the possibilities of narration that avoids direct story and yet is story-telling.

It is the adventure of hearing anchored in the simplicity of everyday life.

Two operators, one transmitter, and a huge amount of sound waves that need to be decrypted, sorted and catalogued into the endless archive of events.

One destiny of a person, stretched between three magnetic tape recorders, examined, dissected.

A probe into the personal journals of Jiří Orten, archives named as Red, Blue and Striped book, are
the testimony about a jewish poet who died within all the tragic and ironic symbolics. The last record… before the death by hitting an ambulance car. This archival study of fragments from one’s life, this authorial reading of Monads that are registered on the magnetic tapes, is based on the idea that in
the moment of a specific focus it is possible to perceive everything that has ever happened,
is happening and will happen to a human being. 

Time, identical in each moment.
The operators transmit and receive.
The operators move in microscopic and macroscopic. 
The technology is part of the organs. 
The eavesdropping of the organs.