HERONS VECTOR is an interdisciplinary theatre group / art collective.
The activities of its members are not limited to a selected specializations, but range from performance and physical theater to literary work, publishing and sound design.

HERONS V. was established primarily as a research team. Due to its naturally interdisciplinary members, it also develops the complementary incorporation of different artistic directions within the work. Primarily theatrical tools are used in non-theatrical areas and theater is enlarged with other critical approaches and directions, whether it is philosophy or fine arts. HERONS V. are involved in sound design and work with sound in general, which they develop into various forms, whether it is musical poetry or sound puppetry.

Primary interest is an experiment, which does not only take the form of
a simple verification of the presumed thesis. Their imperative is to always be concentrated on the researched subject and the direction where it leads them, not the will to complete the work.

Archiving is one of their main subjects of interest. Whether through field recordings or sound installations. The archiving mode allows them to search for special access to information and events in the world and to search for a suitable expression.

They are focused on systematical deconstruction of the “story” towards
the other possibilities of narration. 

Simply it’s a long poem. 


HERONS V. are associated under the per-logeum project. This project will gradually grow into an online archive that will reflect not only the activities
of members, including their theoretical foundations, publishing etc.