“Now this connection or adaption of all created things with each, and of each with all the rest, means that each simple substance has relations which express all the others, and that consequently it is a perpetual living mirror of the universe.

Multiplicity is not something that has many parts, but something that can be organised in many different ways. The labyrinth of matter causes oscillations. There is also one principle for everything: no two are the same. After a thousand small starvations, one macro starvation follows. Everything is filled with everything. The monad is the whole world.

Everything we can ever meet is nothing but the consequences.

Consequences of our complete notion.

There is a concept that the environment is a passive background in front of which the drama of human culture and existence takes place.

This projection must be challenged.

There is no environment. Wherever we look for it, we find all kinds of objects.

Biomes, ecosystems, hedges, gullies and human meat.