Long-term research - outputs: video essays, publications, graphics, albums
or compilations of compositions and theatrical performances in the form
of object-operas.

We release tapes. The central goal of the tapes is applied philosophy, sound research, documentation and archivation. TAPES and LOGEUM projects are based around the idea
of a “witness” perspective towards the world - it is not passive but a very active position
of perception. A witness is any being whose extermination means double murder.
The witness must be kept alive.

Testimony is an activity that must be cultivated.

We use magnetic tapes in our work. Tapes are the physical materialization
of time (or preferably: proves of Expositions - a pressure in duration) a captured event
in the form of an electrical signal imprinted and stretched over a line of glued rust.
A simple analogy.

The presence is constantly re-wounded. The future unfolds. The past is archived.
It is possible to find folds (le pli) which have not received sufficient attention.
A fold, in the sense of the Deleuzian interpretation of the Leibniz monads,
which are in a state of pre-negotiated harmony.
This harmony needs to be reconstructed.