This is the second “TAPE”. You can read about the first one here

Glückauf is an opera of objects, staged music poetry and sound puppetry, proceedings of archivation study a 3h performance of 6 reel-to-reel tape recorders, 1 overhead projector, 12km of tapes, 6 mechanical roosters and 1 shredding machine 

This performance is based on the journey into the depths of the earth. Inspired by the everyday work of miners, by seeking for hidden, underground resources and moved by Milton’s Lost Paradise, we reach for constructing ‘upturned’ garden of mechanized and autonomous objects. Two alchemists, alone in a world that is going through a severe muscle spasm, are constantly researching chemical and psychical processes of given material. 

Glückauf is a cry. Glückauf is a prayer. Glückauf is a wish. The road is rounded. The road has steps. Just as one path of blood enters another to create a vein, so one vein enters another to create life. Es mögen sich Erzgänge auftun. The end of this journey heralds a new beginning. It is not possible to return. There is – in fact – nowhere to return. It is not possible to go further, the path must be created. One can only descend and wish: gluck auf! 

How to create a garden of objects independent of our touch? Do you believe in the singing of uninjured objects? How to open vocal cords? To mine those treasures. To be digging an opera.

We deal with signal. We take care of the signal. We are sound seekers. We believe in the signal, that we harvest, clean and distillate. We work within numbered squares. Squares are sown with grain and cultivated. A furrow line is inscribed in this divided space. 

The process has phases. These phases are independent of us. But we are dependent on them. We travel across black, white, red and gold. At the end we go upstairs. In the end, we will be at the deepest point. We wish us Good. We wish us Glück. We wish us Auf.